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This template is based on the spoon I carved with Zed Outdoors and is free for you to download. Just click the image to open the  PDF file and print (make sure to print on A4 paper to get the right size).

** A good tip is to transfer the template on to some transparent plastic, it's really useful to be able to line the spoon up with the grain of the wood. A cut up plastic milk bottle works really well.

Click here for lots more templates that you can download for free, I'll be adding new designs every now and then, if you would like to be notified when these come out, as well as news about my work and future projects then please sign up to my newsletter by filling in the form below.

I hope you find this template useful, please do tag me on social media (WPWoodcraft on Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr), I'd love to see them!

Wooden spoon template

Click image to download

Milk Paint

The milk paint I use is made by Old Fashioned Milk Paint and can be bought in the UK directly from their store, from or in the US from

Milk paint.jpg

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